Chain Strap Felt Fedora Hat Ruslan Baginskiy

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Наразі цього товару немає в наявності але ми виготовимо його спеціально для вас протягом 4 тижнів!
В наявності


Ruslan Baginskiy Chain Strap Felt Fedora Hat is the modern take on the time-honoured silhouette. This hat includes a gold-tone chain, RB charm, a piercing and artificial pearls — these are a few of our favorite trims.

Details make the difference. Each day we need to get dressed and go outside, to visit familiar places, while thinking of the same things. Maybe, it’s time to take a new root? Or put on a new hat? There is a concept of butterfly effect, and we want to introduce the hat effect — a huge positive impact on your mood, when you put on a lavish accessory.


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