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Faux Fur Bonnet Hat BON033-P-BR-OS Ruslan Baginskiy
Faux Fur Bonnet Hat BON033-P-BR-OS Ruslan Baginskiy
Faux Fur Bonnet Hat BON033-P-BR-OS Ruslan Baginskiy
Faux Fur Bonnet Hat
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Ruslan Baginskiy Faux Fur Bonnet Hat is an example of coziness with a touch of extravagance. During the colder season, every day may feel the same. And it’s not the worst part — sometimes every hat may feel the same. But this will never happen to our faux fur bonnet hat. In a world of ordinary hats, be extraordinary. Have fun, serve looks, take risks. Walk with your head high, with a fluffy bonnet hat on it, with a cotton bow tied under your chin. With such piece, you will always have two strings to your bow.

EXTERIOR: 100% Polyester LINING: 100% Cotton TRIM: 100% Cotton Made in Ukraine
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Store your bonnet on a clean flat surface or place it on a wide flat hook. Keep it away from heat. Please note that the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color represented on the website.
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По Україні здійснюється безкоштовна кур'єрська доставка Новою Поштою. Одразу після відправки вашого замовлення ми відправимо Вам лист на вказану електронну пошту з номером для відстеження посилки.
What is the history behind a bonnet hat? Up until the 18th century, bonnet hats were mostly worn by noblewomen in order to protect the hair and skin from the sun, keeping it pale. From the 18th century, the style as well became popular among working women, as it was comfortable. During the 19th century, a bonnet was an iconic style, embellished in various ways — each woman had to have one. How to wear? A cotton bow guarantees that a hat will stay on your hat, even if the wind gets wild. That said, don't hesitate to wear this hat as often as you wish, with a faux fur coat, a down jacket, or a classical maxi wool coat.