Retrouvez le RB Pop-Up au 2ème étage des Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.

L’espace chaleureux, construit en bois naturel brut et en paille, fait écho à l’ambiance estivale et décontractée de l’esprit de la marque. Un refuge, où les structures éphémères mettent en valeur le monde impromptu que nous nous improvisons chaque été.

Même si l’assistant RB n'est pas disponible, vous pouvez toujours acheter les articles dans toutes les caisses principales du magasin. Pour toute question supplémentaire, veuillez nous contacter via le formulaire ci-dessous !

“I was inspired by places and materials inhabitable only in the summer season, it’s a time when our favourite forgotten beach cafes, garden kitchens and countryside markets come to life,”Baginskiy explains. “Summer turns the outdoors and nature into a liveable home. The whole idea has a very ephemeral mood, instantly exhilarating and instantly melancholic.”

The Ruslan Baginskiy Pop-Up presents the brand’s SS24 collection, featuring all kinds of headwear styles — from casual baseball caps to extravagant sun hats that continue to be hand-crafted at the brand’s own production in Ukraine.

”Headwear is really a kind of thing you have to try on, it’s also something that instantly gives personality to style. It can be unexpected and a very personal experience. I’m really excited to bring this opportunity to people. It’s a fun moment and I hope everyone gets to discover the collection.”

The Pop-Up situated on the second-floor the women’s department store represents a significant milestone for the designer and his eponymous brand. 

The Ruslan Bagisnkiy Pop-Up invites visitors to come by from May 17th - June 30th at the Boulevard Haussmann Women’s department store.

Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image
Hand-embroidered Baseball Cap
RB Energetic White. Color of clean slates, fresh minds and little white clouds, smell of apricot flowers. The edges of the visor are slightly frayed, the colors slightly muted as if burnt out in the sun – this is usually how your favorite cap looks.