Ruslan Baginskiy First Bag: ‘HatBag’ – the Hat to Bag Transformer  

Ukrainian designer, founder of the eponymous brand, Ruslan Baginskiy, brings authenticity and artistic innovation to an entirely new category – bags. The first-released, RB ‘HatBag,’ is more than a bag. This ‘transformer’ accessory transitions from straw bucket hat to handbag that can be worn as a crossbody or wristlet. Made of natural straw and leather, the genderless 'hat-meets-bag' solidifies the brand’s stronghold on summer accessories.

“I was inspired by places and materials inhabitable only in the summer season, it’s a time when our favourite forgotten beach cafes, garden kitchens and countryside markets come to life,”Baginskiy explains. “Summer turns the outdoors and nature into a livable home. The whole idea has a very ephemeral mood, instantly exhilarating and instantly melancholic.”

Weaving—a prominent craft in many countries—is widely practiced in Ukraine. Residents of Iza, a village in the West of Ukraine, uphold long-standing traditions of wicker weaving. The local technique is included in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage of Ukraine and became an inspiration for Baginskiy’s first bag.

“Iza is one of the oldest wicker working centers in Ukraine, even 200 years ago items were being exported all over the world.  was surprised to learn that the French painter Renoir had furniture from Iza decorating his porch. The general idea for creating bags was partly inspired by this village and its story,” explains the designer.

In line with the brand’s dedication to cultural authenticity and storytelling, Baginskiy often draws inspiration from his Ukrainian roots, implementing local craft techniques and cultural references into his designs.

“Part of my mission as a person and a designer is to show the beauty of my country, its nature, and its craft,” comments Ruslan. “I want to usher artisanal knowledge into a contemporary and global context—use unexpected materials, bring my own senses and vision into traditions. It’s their way to live on.”

Ruslan Baginskiy image
Ruslan Baginskiy image
The HatBag
It’s a Hat, It’s a Bag, It’s a HatBag! The story behind the name of this transformer bag is the most special. While the form of the previous bags is our interpretation of a basket and a tote, the highlight of the collection is an invention by Ruslan Baginskiy, vividly demonstrating the evolution of the brand, which has been centered around headwear for over 8 years. Hence, it received a name that best underscores its idea. The HatBag is a transformer accessory that can be worn as a straw bucket hat or as a bag with a long leather strap, over the shoulder or on the arm.