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Pearls-embellished Straw Fedora Hat
Pearls-embellished Straw Fedora Hat FDR035-STR-PRS-PRL-CHA-XS Ruslan Baginskiy
Pearls-embellished Straw Fedora Hat
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Ruslan Baginskiy chooses pearls, which are having resurgence right now, as the newest refreshment to the classical straw Fedora hat. «I will offer you pearls of rain coming from the countries where it never rains», – Jacques Brel sang in his renowned song. We can’t offer you the same, but our pearls-embellished hat is here for you.

The string of pearls is detachable, so you can wear it as a necklace with or without a hat. A straw hat and a trendy necklace, two-in-one.

EXTERIOR: 100% Straw TRIM: 100% Cotton Made in Ukraine
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Please be aware that our straw hats are made from natural straw that can slightly change its color due to long term sun exposure. Please note that the actual colour of the item may be slightly different from the colour represented on the website.
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What is the history behind the Fedora hat? The Fedora hat became popular after the premiere of namesake play, which took place around 1883-1884. This style had its major moment in the 1920s and kept it for a few decades with the help of exposure in movies. Where to wear? Fedora hat was traditionally made of felt, but with the straw we have an exquisite summer variation. Just imagine riding a bicycle or maybe in a cabriolet, wearing this hat? The vehicle is optional, the adventurous mood is required.