Leather Cowboy Hat • RB Україна

Leather Cowboy Hat
Leather Cowboy Hat
Leather Cowboy Hat
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Cowboy Hat

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EXTERIOR: 100% Leather LINING: 100% Cotton
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Store your hat on a clean flat surface or place it on a wide flat hook. Make sure that a brim doesn’t bend. Please note that the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color represented on the website.
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По Україні здійснюється безкоштовна кур'єрська доставка Новою Поштою. Одразу після відправки вашого замовлення ми відправимо Вам лист на вказану електронну пошту з номером для відстеження посилки.
Is it safe to wear a hat in the rain? Initially a cowboy hat had a flat brim. It's generally believed that the brim became curved in order to protect cowboys from the rain, so that the rain would not pour down on the neck. That said, our cowboy hat is a delicate piece, and the felt is not rain-ready material. We recommend avoiding contact with rain and excessive humidity, as it may damage the hat shape and the material properties. Take care. For you hat to hold its initial shape, stuff it with tissue paper and wrap the crown with paper while storing and transporting. We recommend not to transport a hat in a suitcase filled with other garments.