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Monogram-embellished Bucket Hat BCT036-STR-MRB-KN-OS Ruslan Baginskiy
Monogram-embellished Bucket Hat BCT036-STR-MRB-KN-OS Ruslan Baginskiy
Monogram-embellished Bucket Hat
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Цього товару зараз немає в наявності, але ми зробимо його спеціально для вас протягом 9 робочих днів!

Ruslan Baginskiy Monogram-embellished Bucket Hat is a solid seamless piece with a delicate detail. Being soft, foldable and easily packable, this piece is ready to jump into your vacation luggage. Well, going forward, it will barely sit on the shelf before and after the vacation, too.

No one really sits still in the summer, but you should give it a try. In between beach parties, long swims and even longer sightseeing, there should be some moment of calmness. A moment of doing nothing with your bucket hat on… just an idea.

Crafted from lightweight straw these bucket hats are easily foldable for packing and travelling.

EXTERIOR: 100% Straw Made in Ukraine
Прання та зберігання
Store your bucket hat on a clean flat surface or place it on a wide flat hook. Please note that the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color represented on the website.
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По Україні здійснюється безкоштовна кур'єрська доставка Новою Поштою. Одразу після відправки вашого замовлення ми відправимо Вам лист на вказану електронну пошту з номером для відстеження посилки.
What is the history behind a bucket hat? In the early 1900s, a bucket hat was used by farmers and fishermen as protection from the rain. Nowadays a bucket hat can still be a part of workwear, yet it's commonly used as protection from boring outfits. Take care. Please be aware that our straw hats are made from natural straw that can slightly change its color due to long-term sun exposure.