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Balaclava Mask Hat BLK033-WA-OS Ruslan Baginskiy
Balaclava Mask Hat BLK033-WA-OS Ruslan Baginskiy
Balaclava Mask Hat
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Ruslan Baginskiy Balaclava Mask Hat is here to save you from the cold wind and boring hats. Being extra and minimalistic at the same time, this accessory is a win-win situation in a warm hats game.

The blend of wool and acrylic provides a consistent performance and no pilling for a long time. This balaclava shape is widely used as a helmet liner by motorcyclists, snowboarders and skiers. Our balaclava is meant for your аprès-ski moments or urban busy days, which are quite a bit of sports as well. This accessory will deliver you style and warmth one way or another.
EXTERIOR: 50% Wool, 50% Acrylic Made in Ukraine
Прання та зберігання
Place your balaclava on a clean flat surface. When not in use, consider storing it in a dust bag. Dry clean only. Please note that the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color represented on the website.
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По Україні здійснюється безкоштовна кур'єрська доставка Новою Поштою. Одразу після відправки вашого замовлення ми відправимо Вам лист на вказану електронну пошту з номером для відстеження посилки.
What is the history behind balaclava hat? By the 19th century, a balaclava was known as the Uhlan cap. Its modern name appeared after the Crimean War (1853-1856). Other than military wardrobe, it’s usually used under motorcycle or snow helmets. Where to wear? Put your balaclava on for a long walk on a windy day.