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Hand-embroidered Baseball Cap BSB010-C-OS Ruslan Baginskiy
Hand-embroidered Baseball Cap BSB010-C-OS Ruslan Baginskiy
Hand-embroidered Baseball Cap
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Ruslan Baginskiy Baseball Cap comes in a calm green shade, inspired by campcore aesthetics. We love nature for the feeling of real freedom. And we love that fashion can bring a similar feeling, if you are ready to truly express yourself. Yes, style is all about freedom, and the only limits are set by your personal choice.

The road is made by walking, and together we move towards elevated casual outfits. Meet us at these exact coordinates: Ruslan Baginskiy baseball cap, logo-embellished, 100% cotton.

EXTERIOR: 100% Cotton Made in Ukraine
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Store your baseball cap on a clean flat surface or place it on a wide flat hook. Please note that the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color represented on the website.
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По Україні здійснюється безкоштовна кур'єрська доставка Новою Поштою. Одразу після відправки вашого замовлення ми відправимо Вам лист на вказану електронну пошту з номером для відстеження посилки.
Did you know? It took almost one century for a baseball cap to obtain a modern shape. The first design of a baseball cap, which appeared around 1850, is slightly recognizable. Take care. Baseball caps have solid peaks that can change shape or break due to inappropriate storage or transporting. To protect the cap’s shape while transporting, you can use a box or just wear your cap on a plane.